Make CV Online

Are you going to make a Curriculum Vitae and do not know where to start? We enseƱmos you should do as your curriculum in the best way

Write down all your experience or at least the last 5 job where you were. It is not necessary to have many leaves, 2 leaves is enough.

If you have weaknesses, make a relationship with them and preparing arguments for discussion.

You should only take into account your past studies. It is not necessary where did the primary. The interesting thing is your last education.

The number of sheets is not necessary. Make your cirruculum only have one or two sheets. No matter the amount, only quality.

Job interview?

  • Research Before
  • Get information from the company, it's good to know before the interview

  • Try punctuality
  • Being late is frowned upon, trying to reach with time

  • Remember that the presentation is important
  • As you see you try. Presentation is important in interviews, try to get clean.

  • Do not lie
  • Everything that is in your CV must be true, there's no point getting something you can not do.

  • Relax
  • If you notice relaxed, you may be hired. Can be nervous attention.

  • Try not to talk too much
  • Let your partner do the questions. Talking too much can lead to not being accepted

  • No criticism
  • The world is so small. Do not expect you're in the wrong place

  • Watch your vocabulary
  • Direct talks, without crutches or profanity. It is frowned upon

  • To do this go with respect
  • Respect is the foundation of trust